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Massage Therapy RoomMassage Therapy
There are many benefits to massage therapy:
  •  Encourages relaxation
  • Relieves stress 
  • Improves circulation, flexibility & posture
  • Reduces headaches & muscle pain
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Strengthens the immune system
You will enjoy your 60 minute massage in our private room on a heated massage table with soft music and a soothing fountain. Our massage therapists  are professionally educated and meet local licensing requirements. They will help you to decide what type of massage is best for you. Before and during your session, communication is encouraged with your therapist so that your massage is customized to your specific needs.
Swedish Massage-
Our most popular therapeutic massage type, the light to medium pressure helps promote circulation & lymph movement, relieves stress, reduce pain, boost mood and promote relaxation.
$60.00 for 1 session
 $150.00 for 3 sessions
Deep Tissue Massage-
Similar to Swedish massage, but deeper pressure is used to release chronic muscle tension. The focus is to provide deep pain relief, lengthen muscles and loosen scar tissue.
$65.00 for 1 session
$165.00 for 3 sessions
Couples Swedish Massage- $120
Pregnancy Massage- $60
Chair Massage-
Mini massage performed while you are fully clothed in our special massage chair. Great for those on the go!
$1.00 a minute
$15.00 for 20 minutes
Deep Muscle Therapy
Prossage Heat, which is a natural warming ointment, is added to your massage to work deeper into the muscles. Biofreeze, which is a cooling  gel, is used to relieve pain and decrease inflammation. Warm towels are also used to help relax muscles. Deep Muscle Therapy is ideal for anyone who suffers from chronic pain due to athletic training, repetitive movements, and overuse.
Add to your next massage session for only $12.00
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