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Massage Room


Jill, our licensed therapist, has been performing massage for 14 years. She attended Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy and is also a reflexologist.

Swedish Massage- Light to medium pressure is used during this relaxing massage.
1 - 30 min session $35
1 - 60 min session $60
3 - 60 min sessions $150

Deep Tissue Massage- Deeper pressure is designed to relieve pain and muscle tension throughout the body. This type of massage is extremely beneficial because it reaches the deepest layers of muscle, tendons and fascia and helps to breakdown adhesions that cause pain and inflammation.
1 - 30 min session $45
1- 60 min session $70
3- 60 min sessions $180

Pregnancy Massage- This modality is wonderful for the mother-to-be. The technique is done lying on your side with plush pillows for comfort. Recommended once you are out of your first trimester.

1- 60 min session $70

Chair Massage- $1 a minute 
      $15 for 20 min.

Shoulder Girdle Release- Targets the main trigger points within the chest, shoulders and upper back. Great for computer workers, hairdressers or for people that drive for a living.
1- 30 min session $45

Reflexology- Focuses on the feet, hands and ears. This technique is used to balance the body by specific point and achieving a feeling as relaxing as a full body massage.
1- 30 min session $45

Raindrop Therapy- This body modality uses essential oils to naturally detoxify the spinal column. The oils are dropped like rain then feather strokes are used as the oils do their work. Hot towels are draped over you for 10 min to allow the oils to soak in followed by a light rub out.
1- 60 min session $85

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